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segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

Hey Foreign Friend! :D

Messy Buns Jei~ here!!!

You may ask why am I writing in english, right?
Well, I was watching the statistics of my blog, and I notice that I have people from other countries that saw my blog (maybe by mistake, but who cares?) SOOOOOOOOO I'm hoping that you, YES YOU, can be my friend! Well, if I get some replies, maybe I start to write in english too. :3

Let's start from the begining!

Hey foreign friends, my name is Jei~ (its not my real name, but someday I reveal it MUAHAHAH!)
I'm Portuguese and I have 20 years old. I'm studying Journalism, final year! I start this blog one moth ago because I want to share my thoughts and a bit of my life with you, cuties! I have a boyfriend, that I call Day in my blog (all the names are created by me eheheh!). He makes me REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY happy :D
I love food, my bed, k-pop and asian dramas, movies, music and off corse my family, friends and boyfriend! 
I hate to eat liver and spiders, NHAC!
I wish to have good grades, to find a job (its dificult nowadays in Portugal :/), to have a car and to put braces (my teeth are sooooooooo bad), to travel a lot AND TO BE HAPPY like another person in the world!

And its that for now! Thank you all!!!!!

See yaaa next time!

Thanks Google Translator for your help :3


Pessoal, decidi escrever este post pela curiosidade de saber se alguém do estrangeiro passa por aqui. Se obtiver alguma resposta positiva pode ser que comece a escrever posts nas duas línguas, o que era óptimo para treinar o meu inglês enferrujado! 

Mas fiquem sabendo que vos adoro na mesmaaaaaaaaaaaa! <3

Até à próxima,

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  1. well mesmo que não recebas feedback, podes começar a fazer isso na mesma! pode ser que assim atinjas outro tipo de público :)

  2. Olá querida! Olha já fiz o post comparativo entre os BB Creams que me tinhas pedido, é publicado mais daqui a um bocadinho! Espero que te seja útil!


Obrigada pela tua opinião, Cutie! (^ _ ^)/~~